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Fabrics June 10, 2010

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These are all of the fabrics I used with the exception of one which is a pink spotty fabric that I used for the large inside pocket. I used it as an afterthought instead of the plain white fabric  so never thought to photograph it. I wanted to use really girly fabrics and found all of these in my collection so didn’t actually have to spend any more money on them.  I did initially want to use some Cath Kidston fabric but at £10 a metre I decided it was going to be too pricey and also wanted it to look more individual and different to any other bag. I used the black ikea fabric for the main outside fabric and the rest were used to make the lining with the exception of some pink cord which I used to make the outside pockets.


All of my fabrics


Ikea fabric with birds and flowers


Some nice pink floral fabric from my mum


All of the fabrics cut out


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