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A little bit about me May 12, 2010

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At university I studied Fashion Business  and whilst I never truly wanted to be a fashion designer I found that I really enjoyed the creative side of it and loved cutting out fabrics and sewing everything together seeing it all become something new and this is still something that I love to do today.   I also like to bake lovely sweet treats and am just starting to get into photography, although I’m not very good at that yet.

I like vintage or retro looking fabrics (but prefer the feel of clean new ones) and love anything that is a bit kitsch.  I especially love anything with birds on but like any truly girly girl I love hearts, stars,  ribbons and buttons (I have a lovely little jar of buttons in all sorts of shapes and colours that I just love to look at from time to time), oh and florals.  I love making things with a childlike softer side, my favourite thing that I have made recently are some monsters made of felt, old bits of scrap fabric and ribbons and buttons. They don’t always have a smile on their faces but hopefully they make others smile instead.

I’m starting this blog to share my homemade projects with others.  I am therefore planning to post up what I am thinking of making or doing along with any progress that I make on these projects.  Hopefully others will like what I do and it will encourage them to make their own homemade projects too.


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