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Home made changing bag May 12, 2010

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The first project I want to complete is a changing bag for the baby which I am expecting in four weeks.  I do have one from my first baby but found it too big and clumsy to carry round as well as being boring black (more my husband’s choice than mine) and this time I want something for me, something more girly and a bit vintage looking.  I like the fact that my changing bag would look like no-one elses and also cost a lot less too.  I have tons of scrap fabrics but might need to buy some heavier weight stuff to make it look a bit nicer as well as the sliders to make the strap adjustable.  I’ve been trying to find a pattern online as I’ve never made a bag before and was really hoping for a free pattern online but can’t seem to find one that I like.  However, I did manage to find one from Butterick (pattern B4560) and have just found someone else on a blog who has made one too and it looks great.  It even has inside pockets and a flat over the top which is something that I wanted to do.  Hopefully this will cost me a lot less to make than buying a standard one off the shelf that looks like everyone elses.

I love the fabrics she has used but think I might try and use something a bit lighter in colour.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


A little bit about me

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At university I studied Fashion Business  and whilst I never truly wanted to be a fashion designer I found that I really enjoyed the creative side of it and loved cutting out fabrics and sewing everything together seeing it all become something new and this is still something that I love to do today.   I also like to bake lovely sweet treats and am just starting to get into photography, although I’m not very good at that yet.

I like vintage or retro looking fabrics (but prefer the feel of clean new ones) and love anything that is a bit kitsch.  I especially love anything with birds on but like any truly girly girl I love hearts, stars,  ribbons and buttons (I have a lovely little jar of buttons in all sorts of shapes and colours that I just love to look at from time to time), oh and florals.  I love making things with a childlike softer side, my favourite thing that I have made recently are some monsters made of felt, old bits of scrap fabric and ribbons and buttons. They don’t always have a smile on their faces but hopefully they make others smile instead.

I’m starting this blog to share my homemade projects with others.  I am therefore planning to post up what I am thinking of making or doing along with any progress that I make on these projects.  Hopefully others will like what I do and it will encourage them to make their own homemade projects too.